Lucho is the largest of my three dogs and he's the inspiration behind the company name. The fact that he's simply too big to fit in my lap doesn't stop him from trying to be my "little lapdog". Lucho's favourite thing in the world is bread and I imagine he secretly dreams I was a little old lady who would knit him cute jumpers while feeding him cucumber sandwiches.

Here at Lapdog Photo Productions we live by a simple philosophy  "Live and let live". Although in Lucho's case it's more like "Bark and let bark!" and if you're a fox, pigeon or a squirrel be prepared to be barked at some more!

Lucho's size often attracts attention and he simply loves saying hello to neighbours and all who want to stroke him. My neighbours' young son gets a little confused when he sees us walking down the street. He always makes us laugh when he points at my three dogs one by one and shout:



More used to being behind the camera than in front of the lens, I'm most at home while interacting with animals. During each photoshoot, I strive to find all those little things that make your best friend so unique. I'm most happy with my work when each photograph captures the true personality of your pet and preserves memories that will last forever.

I love animals and donate my time to charities that look after them whenever I can. I've recently organised a charity dog photoshoot in the aid of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and thanks to the generosity of fellow dog owners managed to raise £330 for the charity :

I also produced a fun album called "How to master a charity dog walk: The Ultimate Guide". The images were captured at a charity dog walk organised by All Dogs Matter.

My absolute heroes are people that dedicate their lives to helping and protecting animals. Individuals such as Sir David AttenboroughSimon Cowell (Wildlife Aid Foundation) Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) and Noel Fitzpatrick (The Super Vet) truly inspire me.

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